Wednesday, June 29, 2011

if you don't mind... I don't mind

I love the Buzzcocks, because when I was living in London with my bro and good mate Charlie, we went looking for bargain records on whatever pawn shops we could find...

One day we bough for just 1 ₤ each The Head on the Door by the Cure and Singles Ready Steady by the Buzzcoks.
In that compilation there are great songs.. like Noise Annoys, Orgasm Addict, What do I get?, Whatever Happened ...

Suddenly this song came on the air.. and couldn't help singing this on top ...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Where the skies are so blue..

We were playing last Friday.. and then some guys from the crowd asked us to play "Sweet Home Alabama".. So we did..

When we were done.. I came to talk with them.. and this girl, asked me which was my all time favorite American Band.. and I said.. "The Doors", she didn't even know who they were.. and asked me why.. Didn't have to think about it.. "well.. the lyrics are clever, the music is incredible, they are sort of the most original and daring band I've ever heard.."

Then she asked me about Bob Dylan.. well.. I said.. "he's not a band.. but he must be the greatest performer and writer of the century and his influence goes beyond music".. Then she said,... "He's English right ? " .. "WHAT ??! " ,, "Dylan English ???.. how can you say that ???"

"He went all the way from Minnesota to New York, to get on the folk circuit and became an icon for singing for civil rights in America ".. Her face was like if I was speaking in Chinese..

.. so bad there was no time to speak about Neil Young..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Through the sleeples nights I cry for you..

Listened to this song 80 times now..

Printed the chords and lyrics and will record it myself .. maybe this evening..

It's on the last record from Eddie Vedder, Ukulele songs.. great surprise.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Do I Deserve to be ? ...

This is the best example of what a Rock Band should be..

But the greatest thing on Pearl Jam were Eddie's originality in lyrics.

Back then I was just, listening to all the stuff inside this songs.. the drums are still something out of the best I've ever heard.. Dave Krusen, left the band just after Ten was released.. and I really believe they never sounded better than this.. at least on a record..

The guitars are just McCready doing Hendrix and Gossard doing Jimmy Page,... really .. listen to it..

And Jeff Ament.. well.. amazing bass player.. Jeremy has one of the best bass lines in rock...

And the guy who was leading them, Eddie Vedder.. in the great tradition of Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, a real guy showing his feelings ...



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