Friday, October 8, 2010

scanning the scene in the city tonight..

..must be the only metal band who is respected by all generations and still make people feel good...

After reading that James Hetfield participated on an auction for Little Kids Rock organization-- I wanted to see which was the item.. and was quite surprised watching the guitar he decorated..

It carries sentences like..

Can't you do anything right..
It's not good enough..
Get outta Here..
Are you really that stupid..

Focusing on the reality of a childhood some people go through...

luckily some of the times this can be reverted through art, music or passion for any discipline...

The rest of the decorated guitars are just esthetically OK.. (Specially the one by Stan Lee)

But this one.. really made me think twice about not pretending bad times are just gone.. I guess one must have them present to never allow them to happen again

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