Friday, January 28, 2011

Once I lived the life of a millionaire ...

Clapton is a discussed guitar player... people loves him and people hates him..

I was never into him until the evidence got me closer to listen ..

1st - When I read he was the one who put a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall and recorded an album.. Check the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton, just listen to Hideaway.. that was the guitar sound used for the next 10 years.. and it was recorded in 1966..

2nd - When he left the Yardbirds because they wanted to play pop music..

3rd -When he recorded the solo for "While my guitar gently weeps"..

4th - When he wrote "Layla" cause he was in love with Patty Boyd and couldn't do anything 'cause she was his best friend's wife.. George Harrison..

the list keeps on growing...

The last time random took me to him was when I went to Sin-e in Dublin last summer and there was this guy playing songs... he had a great voice and was a good player... He sang "Nobody knows you when you are down and out" .. I had never heard it before.. (don't know how could I..) when I went back home in Barcelona I looked for it and saw that the cover was coming from Clapton's version in "Layla and other assorted Love songs"..

With the collaboration of the great late Duane Allman..

The original from Jimmy Cox and the first know version by Bessie Smith.

Love him or hate him... now listen here and look in the eyes and try saying "he's not that good"


  1. I wish you happiness

  2. Nobody knows when you're down and out... i love this line so much. best clapton song title




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