Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This bloody mary's lacking a tabasco...

man ..!! have fun, make a band, write a song, say I love you to a girl.. get drunk, get naked.. go to the beach, sleep on the sand... take a plane, take a ride on your motorbike.. draw your face on a paper and hang it on the wall..

but enjoy.. !!!!!


  1. I saw your picture of the artic monkeys...and like a moth to the flame I found myself drawn towards it. They are seriously so underrated. This song is one of my absolute favourites. As well as 'When the Sun Goes Down' and Mardy Bum which has the same sort of feel as Fluorescent Adolescent.

  2. the Arctic Monkeys are amazing .. whoever denies that is just jelaous .. and yes.. ;) .. "When the sun goes down" is my fave..

  3. I was turned on to the Arctic Monkeys several years ago and really should listen to them more often. The problem with good music is there's so much of it and not enough time to hear all I want!

  4. Hey! I found your blog by way of listening to I Will Dare on my radio and realizing that I loved the song so much I had to post it. You've got a cool blog that I can't wait to read more of! I did something like this ages ago, and sometimes think of picking it back up again.

    I also see you like Arctic Monkeys and have to ask if you've seen them live? I'm going to in a matter of weeks and am stoked!




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