Monday, July 5, 2010

thoughts arrive like butterflies...

Chemistry in rock bands is 90 % percent of success..

And Pearl Jam, had that when they released Ten..

Just listening to this song, and trying to imagine when they were doing the club circuit in Seattle, I can see how any A&R around knew they could become as big as they are..

Though I believe they said it all with that 1st record.. which doesn't diminished they great talent.


  1. man, silverchair must have really been influenced by pearl jam. especially with the song Israel's Son-- sounds just like this song

  2. yeah.. you're right .. the voice is very similar..
    But how come you know better Silverchair than Pearl Jam ?? You got to listen to Ten, you may like it..

  3. pearl jam just recently celebrated their 20 years together right? yup, their that big. wish they did a show in jersey. eddie vedder had done it all. that man is very lucky and talented.

    off he goes is the song by them that i'm currently in the mood right now. i think their No Code album is underrated. im just proud that at least there's still a band right now that still exists that i can be proud of from the 90s.




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