Wednesday, July 21, 2010

where the weather suits my clothes...

there are songs which are magic..

And the guitar intro to Everybody's Talkin' shows this is one of them .. an instant classic..

I can play this songs for hours.. and never get tired of it..

The movie Midnight Cowboy where is featured is not only a sordid, raw and sad story.. but also a real good one..

Jon Voight is a hopeless male hustler lost in NY , while Dustin Hoffman as the antagonist role is a small-time cheater ... they finally accept they are bound to be together ...

The film, which was X-rated at the time of release, won three Academy Awards ..

Being Best Picture and Best Director among them..

Something that possibly will never happen again ...


  1. i LOVE this movie!! i saw it for the first time last year. because i was obsessed with Tim Buckley's song Dolphins, then found out it was a Harry Nilsson song, and I searched him on youtube, and ended up watching Midnight Cowboy! hah! so good

  2. So you watched the movie for the song !.. sometimes the song gets more important than the movie ..

    It's funny 'cause this song is actually written by Fred Neil,.. I'll have to do some research on him.. :)

  3. Oops, I retract!! because Neil wrote Dolphins too! got a little confused there

  4. mmm... everything is going to Fred Neil.. I read about him on Dylan's chronicles... though didn't have the time yet..

  5. I didn't realize it was rated "X" when it came out! That says a lot about the change in society from then till now.

    Classic movie and great song.




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