Thursday, December 30, 2010

Centenars De Petites Coses....

Hundreds of small little things...

Another great Catalan band... this time Mine!

Coming from the post-rock and indie scene.. they finally decided to switch from English to Catalan ..

They self released a few records before getting the attention of labels, which allowed them to record professionally.

This tune reminds me of a nice children song, with a great arrange on the backing vocals and a loving Beatles bass line..


  1. I listened and heard the Beatles bass and children's quality (along with the images).

    I had to look up Catalan, had not heard of that language even though I worked with languages for years.

    Do you speak it? Do you speak the language? Are you in one of the areas that speak it?

  2. yes Barbara, Barcelona is in a region called Catalunya.. and here Catalan is a co-official language along with Spanish...
    Catalan was mostly used for folk but lately some bands are trying to introduce it to other genres as alt rock or indie..




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