Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreams You Don't Dream Are Not Dreams

dreams come true ... dreams come true ...
all of us have made our dreams come true
even you ...

they were just around the corner of the street you walked
they were in the words of the things you said
they appeared on the drawers that you dared to open
they were lying on the bed this morning when you left

on the first page of the novel we wrote
on the last word of the song we sung
on the sketches of the portrait you did for me

dreams were the first thing we saw this morning
the last thing we saw yesterday night

there they were .. when we looked at the mirror

and when we closed the lights

dreams are real, as real as dreams

your dreams are yours .............. but they are mine

they were looking at you from the keyhole
they were thinking what you're going to think next
they were waiting for you to dream them ...
they were waiting for you to dream them ...

dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams dreams
even sometimes when you fall asleep ...

Maxi Moscardi

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