Friday, August 20, 2010

....all is quiet in New Year's Day

I bought WAR from U2 as a birthday present to myself long ago ..

..and went mad with the bass riff in New Year's Day ..

I haven't listened to it in a really long time..

But it sounds as good as then..

Maybe better than most of the over produced music made today.. (U2 latest releases included)

Because is either that or low-fi..

so bad guitars don't sound this way anymore.. ;(


  1. War is a great album. They're all great albums. with an exception to the newer ones like you said.... i saw them live last fall, a dream come true. bono is a rock god

  2. this is an amazing song.. It would have been very easy back then to know they would become so big..

  3. What you should do (and probably have already done) is get Under a Blood Red Sky and hear the live version of New Year's Day on that. The bass is way up there. So cool!




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