Monday, August 30, 2010

I need an easy friend ...

Apparently Kurt Cobain wrote this song after a marathon day of listening to Meet the Beatles ! ..

Well.. I guess that listening to the Beatles for the whole day won't necessarily allow you to write a classic such as this..

But still, the formula is easy, four chords and a story to tell..

When they rehearsed it, Chad Channing , Nirvana's 1st drummer, asked him which was the name of the song..

He replied "It's about a girl.."

Best comment in youtube
"my brother said nirvana sucked, i slapped him. "

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  1. yessss! some nirvana. i just read that tomorrow they're releasing a collection of nirvana songs called "Icon".
    i've been listening to the mtv unplugged album these past few days. my all time favorite




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