Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...And I wonder why I still live on

This is ironic...

I made up my mind about posting some good positive song to change my mood ...

And thought,"- Hey Queen is such a cheerful and positive band ..."

but end up picking All Dead, All Dead, from News of the World...

Probably a song that not many people stopped and listened to...

That title caught my eye since day one..

And it's definitely not an encouraging one..

Brian May wrote it..

And for me is referring to the lost of the childhood...

The time when one realizes about those dreams once one had..


  1. i was right! when i saw the title i knew this has got to be the song All Dead, All Dead. i love playing it on the piano. it's amazing to me and kind of meaningful too.

    ...old but still a time it comes to everyone...i don't believe you're dead and gone...----lovely composition. and the way brian sings it gives it much more meaning and emotion.

    i just remembered something, i've read it somewhere i forgot though. kinda funny, isn't this song written about his pet cat who passed away? it kind of make sense too. :D

  2. This song is very special to me.. It's not sad but melancholic.. Also Brian is one of my fave composers..

    The cat's story maybe true.. you know inspiration comes from small little things that the rest of the world is to busy to pay attention to..




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