Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some people say my love cannot be true ...

Some people say Heavy Metal was born when:

1- a riff first drove a song.. that would be You really Got me by The Kinks.

2 - Big drum rolls were recorded ... Then should be Keith Moon in I Can See for Miles.

3 - Distorted melodic guitar lines .. Then The Beatles with Helter Skelter.

4 - Lyrics related with Evil nature.. then The Rolling Stones did it with Sympathy for the Devil.

5 - Long and complex guitar solos .. Then that would be Jimi Hendrix with Voodoo Child.

6 - heavy guitar sound and high pitched vocals... then it must be Led Zeppelin I.

7 - Violent attitude... Then The Stooges with I Wanna Be Your Dog.

8 - Heavy Metal on the lyrics.. SteppenWolf with Born To Be Wild.

9 - Heavy in the record title - Iron Butterfly with Heavy.

10- All together ... then it happened when Ozzy met Tommy Iommy who met Geezer Butler who met Bill Ward..

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