Thursday, September 16, 2010


Not so long ago I realized that my alarm tone was such an annoying and disturbing thing... I just linked it with the fact of waking up.. and didn't care too much..

The thing is that it was the worst sound ever...

So I firmly resolved to change it, and started to search in my cellphone for some less aggressive and hostile melodies..

Checking there I arrived to a Svefn-G-Englar by Sigur Rós ... A song which had been there for no more than a week or two...

Since then waking up is another experience… it’s like being in heaven or in the middle of an open field.. that’s the first thing I think of now… every morning.

…Things happen for some reason and Svefn-G-Englar, casually means Sleep Angels in Icelandic.

It would be great if each person could take 10 minutes away from their daily obligations.. and give a present to themselves by listening to this piece...


Ég Er Kominn Aftur
Inn I Þig
Það Er Svo Gott Að Vera Hér
En Stoppa Stutt Við
Eg Flýt Um I Neðarsjávar Hýði
A Hóteli Beintengdur Við Rafmagnstöfluna Og Nærist
Tjú Tjú
En Biðin Gerir Mig Leiðan - Brot Hættan Sparka Frá Mér
Og Kall A - Verð Að Fara – Hjálp
Tjú Tjú
Eg Spring Ut Og Friðurinn I Loft Upp
Baðaður Nýju Ljósi
Eg Græt Og Eg Græt – Aftengdur
Onýttur Heili Settur A Brjóst

Og Mataður Af Svefn-G-Englum

Sleep Angels

I’m back
inside of you
it's so nice to be here
it's just a quick stop
I fly around in underwater
on hotel connected to Electrical Tables and feeds

tju tju

but waiting makes me sad

fragile kick
and calling

have to go


tju tju

I burst out and the peace is in the air
bathed in new light
i Cry and I cry -unlinked
unused brain put on a breast
and feeds of Sleep angels

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