Thursday, March 11, 2010

If you will dare, I will dare ..

This must be one of my all time favorite words from a pop song..
It's easy, short, simple, but so meaningful.
This is the kind of things I stick to. Come on !! why not, Dare doing it and I'll follow..

These guys were the ultimate Garage band, as raw and authentic an not so much American bands could be in the 80's.. no trendy haircuts, no posing, no Rolling Stone, no MTV ...

In fact, I had to upload the video myself in youtube.. ;), there wasn't any around with the studio version.

Kids with guitars .. that's it.
They were after all Replacements..


  1. Real music from real musicians. I am embarrassed to say I was into the LA 80's rock scene when all the "hair bands" came out. Fortunately I regained my good taste in music.

  2. Well.. that was quite funny era.. and is valuable also.. though.. sometime have to listen to guys who are a bit more like oneself ..

    We all wanted to be Nikki Sixx at one time.. ;) but end up being just us.




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