Monday, March 8, 2010

Orion, A Masterpiece Of Modern Rock

Is it any fun to listen to a 8:25 minutes thrash-metal instrumental piece ?

I guess there are so many barriers on musical taste, though I don't need to struggle with that, just need music that gives me inspiration..

Back in high school daze, me and my friends were crazy about Metallica… each one of us had his favorite record or song.. 'Master of Puppets' was my LP and ‘Orion’ was my song.

I remember I kept the money my mother gave me for breakfast so I could save enough just to buy this record.. that was a whole month without breakfast.. but the wait (and hunger) was worth because it is a superb album ..

Orion is like a story or a movie itself. It explains a lot of different situations with not even a word.. I believe it’s about somebody who is coming from a dark and helpless situation and gets to see the light.

The intro is like a machine pumping coming from a mysterious fade in, until they get in the main riff... James and Kirk and the great late Cliff Burton..

Then they go on a series of modifications and riffs that made this the most epic song written in the last 20 years.. Couldn’t find any other than can match better that adjective ...

But the masterpiece inside it begins at 3:59, with the most beautiful and sweet bass line ever played by a metal band.. Cliff Burton was a extremely talented guy, it was for him that the whole band moved from LA to San Francisco.. they knew he had it..

The solo that James and Kirk play at 4:20 it's like an awakening from a tortuous situation, like a fresh breath of hope. At 5:12 the line is so peaceful and logical in musical sense. then at 5:40 its where everything comes on the same focus.. Is just amazing.. a Masterpiece... I think here is where it just gets better and better.. But I would have finish the song around 6:55 with another resolution. because returning to the main riff is like the hope and faith are lost again..

Metallica became so respected and are so successful besides from being amazing musicians because they are cool and approachable, and that's why people likes them....

In any picture from their old days, you see that would be a great thing to hang with them.. they smile !! something you don't see in other metal bands, even Dave Mustaine looked like a nice guy..

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