Monday, March 1, 2010

People say that your dreams...

...are the only things that save you

and I totally agree...

It took some time for me to get in the mood for Arcade Fire, even everybody around was telling me they were great.

Read somewhere David Bowie did a collaboration with them, which obviously means they are worth the time to look.

So the song in my mind now is Rebellion (Lies).

I was riding my bike when the song started to sound on my earphones,

Couldn't help loving it..

Wim Butler's is in the middle of the line that goes from Bruce Springsteen to Tom Verlaine. Dramatic, passionate and strong..

I really believe they are folk players playing rock, they remind me of the Waterboys mixed with the Clash.


  1. aaww . . . I get those days and even weeks sometimes when I get so bloody addicted to one particular song ^_^ !

    At the moment for me it's the song by Elbow but sung by Snow Patrol called One Day Like This (worth youtubing because Snow Patrol did a really good job with it , plus I saw them sing it live at the Royal Albert Hall)

  2. Hey, well it's true, though I needed almost a whole year since I was first told about them... until yesterday .. I heard it like 10 times this morning...

    I will have a look to "One Day Like This" and let you know .. ;)

  3. I love Arcade Fire. Have all their music.




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