Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letter to Nick Drake

Hey Nick,

this morning 'Pink Moon' started to sound on the stereo, so I though about sending you a letter. Basically 'cause I got quite inspired after hearing it and felt like doing something.. wasn't feeling like playing guitar this morning, but was feeling like writing.

I don't know when I first heard about you, Maybe in a review of a book in some magazine.. your image has become quite of a cult icon lately, I must say... in the last 10 years or so.

so I was kind of looking for the time to approach to your records and one day, don't know why, I had Pink Moon on my hands, went straight home and played it... well, that album of yours is quite a gem... The song itself is something like a sweet lullaby, your voice sounds so calm and relieving.. it's the perfect song for coming back home.. because the moon is up there looking after us..

that is the first sensation I got from the record; relief.. Wasn't having the best time of my life when I got into it, was like a bit of lovesick... And your record became quite an impressive company for me. And still is.. so thanks.

I heard it like twenty times while riding my bike by the beach here in Barcelona. The best song to bike along to is 'Free Ride'. Got to tell you, don't know which was your motivation, but your songs have made me quite happy.. i found in them a really comfortable place to go.. never got tired of hear them... also the way it's recorded.. it's like you are playing next room.. it's strange.. I heard that was recorded on single takes, was it ?

anyway.. Got to have a look to the other records.. I like that one called 'Five leaves left', cause I also smoke rolling tobacco and always when the paper is starting to run out, I remember you and that record..

take care ..

Max Moscardi


  1. Most of the people I know have never even heard of Nick Drake.

    He would like this letter to him. Maybe you can read blogs from Heaven? (do you believe in heaven?)

  2. He's in fact not very popular .. he's a mystery...

    But I really felt like talking straight to him about why i like his record, It's strange, no?




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