Monday, March 22, 2010 gotta pay your dues before you pay the rent

Pavement were the antiheroes of the 90's.. and that's why I like them..
Part of the late great indie tradition from that decade in the US...

How come a rock band from California sing about settling down ? about getting the masks off from music business and rock stardom ... Stephen Malkmus sings as if he is improvising the words while the guys played as if they were rehearsing..

This is the kind of songs that you'll never see on TV.. though they represent some people's feelings, .. you know that Sunday morning feeling.. feeling like staying home all day, watching a movie.. and then going with the skateboard for a ride..

I remember when they came to Barcelona, one of my friends Eva, asked them for an autograph.. the guy said.. - For who ?... she said - For Eva.. , he understood "forever", and had this really funny expression, like.. "what the hell is she meaning ?", but she kept on saying, "for Eva, for Eva.. "

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