Thursday, March 4, 2010

italiano, alla fine !!

My family moved from Italy to Argentina, probably around the late 1890's. As thousands of families, who were living on the edge of the worst poverty which was going around in Europe back in the day... My family comes from a small village called l'Aquila.

Once we went there with my parents and siblings. How I felt ? I was to young to realize how important that moment was for my father, for me it was just a nice place to visit... we entered to a really old church, older than any building in America, and there it was that mural with the family surname.. It seems some of my forefathers went to the war... How it would be to ask them how it was ?

We were traveling all the way from Barcelona and that was a really nice trip for us, my parents were really cool, and my bro and sis are somehow my best friends.. So that was enough.

I always knew there was some deeper connection to Italy in myself as my family probably never left that village until they went to Argentina. So I guess I must be more Italian than Argentinian, though probably some might say I'm more Spanish or Catalan. who cares...

So I don't know.. how come but now I am doing a super intensive approach to Italian, cause I have an interview where it's required. And as some said, every circle has to be closed.. maybe this is the time my great-grand father Giuseppe Moscardi, would be proud of me..

But I wouldn't go to war.. I would have stayed in Rome as Marcello Mastroianni and kiss Anita Ekberg ..

So now I am listening to some Italian music 'cause it's the best way for me to learn a language..

This below is "Va Pensiero Sull'ali Dorate" from the great opera Nabucco by the late genius Giuseppe Verdi. It means "Thought, fly over golden wings".

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