Tuesday, April 6, 2010

...And I would rather be anywhere else

♪ ♫ Than here today ♪ ♫

Elvis is a nerd ...

Elvis is quite ugly ..

And Elvis is alive ...

He's one of the reasons why the 80's doesn't suck that much ..
Plus he's been using since day one the best guitar ever, a Fender Jazzmaster. He had a signature release a few years ago...

That's why I love Music.. how in the hell would he be able to get married to Diana Krall otherwise...?

Back when he released Armed Forces... he was something quite strange between punk, post-punk, goths, rockabilly and new age.. And after 30 years he's a legend, an innovator, but overall and old times rock and roller ....


  1. I was in a band (we did mostly covers) the year "My Aim is True" came out. We were amazed and learned every song on it. He is constantly re-inventing his sound but that will always be my favorite album of his.

  2. Hey.. really !! what were you doing, were you the singer ?

    In fact my top song from him is "Less Than Zero"... though the 1st album I bought from him was this one.




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