Saturday, April 10, 2010

There I stand 'neath the Marquee Moon...

Just waiting ..

There are years which are like milestones for music culture.. my favorite is 1977.
I can't recall how many records from that year I love..

It's a year strongly linked with punk birth.. Though Punk was born ten years earlier with the MC5's.

Anyway... Television was not a punk band.

They are a specie of their own.. I guess people would find hard to define which their influences were... even today.. I don't know where did Tom Verlaine and the band found inspiration for making this record, nobody was singing like this before, or playing this sharp clean riffs..

Before this NYC movement became global, Television took up residency at the CBGB club

In 2003 NME declared Marquee Moon as 4th best album of all time.

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