Monday, April 12, 2010

...You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

It's impossible to find a better name for a rock musician than Johnny Thunders and a better name for a song than "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory"..

It could come from a novel by Truman Capote, but again reality surpasses fiction.

Johnny Thunders was the ultimate cult rock star; raw, elusive, dark, unpopular, stray and since 1991, gone...

"You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" appeared on his solo album So Alone released in 1978 and it is a punk anthem sang with such fragility from a guy who had been in the most obscene band to date, The New York Dolls...

Their plan may have been to steal the The Rolling Stones's seat back in the early 70's .. but obviously failed.. as all the rest who tried ..

No happy ending..

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