Monday, April 26, 2010

...Up on Melancholy Hill there's a plastic tree

I‘ve been listening to some electronica lately.. to get some inspiration..
Was revisiting the old 90’s school … Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, plus some late things JUSTICE, Royskopp, The Crystal Method and LCD SoundSystem...

Then went to had a look to the last Gorillaz release Plastic Beach..

Reviewing the song titles I was immediately attracted by On Melancholy Hill Song titles are that significant for me…The other one was Rhinestone Eyes…

This is a classical example of Euro Synth Pop, that could have been recorded in 1985..

But Damon Albarn's voice is sad and low.. the opposite of how would have been sung in the eighties... and this is what makes it this special..

I read that the song was rehearsed during the Good, the Bad & The Queen sessions.. and there is a video around with them playing it..

The lyrics, as the song is called, aren’t that sad … for me they are like a picture of a boring day waiting for something to happen or someone to call you ... which somehow gets well with the Gorillaz post apocalyptic universe…

And I don't know what the precise reason is... but helplessly got so addicted to this song..

Up on melancholy hill
There's a plastic tree
Are you here with me
Just looking out on the day
Of another dream

Well you can't get what you want
But you can get me
So let's head out to sea
'Cause you are my medicine
When you're close to me
When you're close to me

So call in the submarine
'round the world we'll go
Does anybody know
If we're looking out on the day
Of another dream

If you can't get what you want
Then come with me

Up on melancholy hill
Sits a manatee, love
Just looking out for the day
When you're close to me
When you're close to me

When you're close to me

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