Wednesday, April 21, 2010

....I suppose there's nothing I can do

The Clash, the Clash, The Clash !!!
Mick Jones.. cool voice, amazing composer and great guitar player..

He wrote the classics on the Clash, Should I Stay or Should I Go and Train in Vain.. the rest is great... but these two songs are the ones that separated them from punk and got them in the 1st division of rock bands..

After all is only rock and roll...

Apart from him, Topper Headon's drumbeat, the harp and the Piano...

As Scott Kenemore wrote on his article "All Talk and No Stick" about the most Underrated drummers.

"Topper’s drumming remained superb. It does what drumming is supposed to do: make great songs even better. "

I guess the song should be called Stand By Me but obviously that title was already taken... Instead they choose Train in Vain.. which is a bit pointless.. and quite punk !!

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