Thursday, April 8, 2010

...But he knows not what it means

Nirvana wrote quite a bunch of songs which now are part of the best music done in the last 20 years.. Don't know exactly why but my song is "In Bloom"..

Probably Kurt would hate it, but I can sing along to this chorus for hours..

The way Dave Grohl plays here is fantastic.. he just can't play with MORE energy..

And Novoselic grooving in the back .. fitting perfectly..

They had that chemistry that can make you go wherever you want..

How great they were .. How good this record was ..

But the best of all is how three guys from nowhere changed the whole music scene with four chords...

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  1. Thank you so much for your advice, and you are so right about my self esteem part, I would be totally devastated if I was rejected by him. I guess I will take it slowly as you suggested and see what happens, because if it were meant to be, it will be right?! I think maybe I was rather abrupt with my responses and it makes me seem totally besotted with him now and he can see it. Hope he turns out to be a good guy and doesn’t take advantage of that. Thank you again for your sweet words, you have provided me not with just confidence but with a sense of awakening as well.




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